Buying An Electric Scooter


Choose The Perfect Electric Scooter For You

There are many factors to consider when researching and ultimately purchasing your new favourite commuter acquaintance. Urbn Scooter provides you with our top tips on what to keep in mind when buying an e-scooter in our definitive buying guide.



When most people decide on buying an electric scooter, the most common thoughts are how fast does it go and how far can you go (on a single charge). These two points are very important when thinking about purchasing an e-scooter but it will all depend on whether you will be commuting to work our riding just for fun. If you are buying an e-scooter for commuting to work, speeds of up to 15 km/h would be ideal where you would also be looking to travel in the range of 25-30 km. If your e-scooter is for leisure purposes, you might be in the same category as the commuter but require more speed and less of a travel range. 



The next thing to consider is how portable your potential e-scooter will be i.e. how easy it is to fold up, carry and store away. Most e-scooters today are foldable, which makes them easy to carry with one hand and more compact allowing for better storage. You'll also need to consider the size of the weight of the e-scooter as this will contribute to your ability to carry it up a stairs etc. The bigger the frame and battery, the heavier it's going to be.


The amount of money you are willing to spend has a huge impact on the quality of e-scooter you are going to buy. Obviously, the more money you are able to spend, the higher quality the scooter will be. That's why Urbn Scooter has curated a collection of high quality and affordable electric scooters that are within the average price range. Each e-scooter is state of the art without compromising on quality.


The safety aspects of the e-scooter should be given the utmost respect. The safer the journey, the more enjoyable it will be. Ensure that your scooter is equipped with both front and back brakes will give you assurances that you can stop safely and in time. Urbn Scooter highly advise to invest in some protective gear - a helmet and pads - to ensure your safety at all times. Protective and highly visible clothing is also recommended.

Overall Experience

Other things to consider is the type of tyres that are used on an e-scooter. There are usually two types of tyre: air-filled (pneumatic) and airless (solid rubber). Air-filled tyres are able to absorb bumps greater than that of airless tyres contributing to a smoother ride. However, they do require a higher degree of maintenance in terms of air pressure and potential punctures. Other additional features such as LED screens to display your speed and applications to connect to your e-scooter are nice accessories and add to the overall rider experience but is down to personal preference.